Bleuberet is an artisanal family business making wild Maine blueberry products.

It's a late summer day and we're returning from picking wild Maine blueberries. Tomorrow we're making jam with Oma. If we're lucky the smell of blueberry pancakes will make its way out the windows toward the fields tomorrow morning too. 

Many moons later, in 2013 to be specific, we started putting these memories in jars making and selling wild Maine blueberry jams and preserves throughout Maine and New England.


As seasons change, we've slowed down some of our jam making to concoct blueberry based botanical beverages (say that five times fast).

Wild Maine Blueberry season is short so we hope you'll be able to get a glimmer of those salty-scented foggy mornings by the sea, blueberry pies on  windowsills, hikes in Acadia, and walks amongst the pines whenever and wherever you open Bleuberet. 

Oh and the dog? She's Baby Bleu (you can find her on on walks and on social media)

BBleu 2019.jpg